Monday 17 May 2010

Fish Out Of Water

Just back from a business trip to Glasgow. Stayed in a swish hotel by the Clyde; watched the sun set over the river from my sumptuous eighth-floor room; wandered over the footbridges and along to the Science Tower in the evening sunshine; ate trendy food in city restaurants. City life is OK for a break, but it's good to be back. It's a beautiful day; I'm back home with my wife; and the sea is here, right where I left it.

The closest I got to "gastrobeaching" in Glasgow was some very tasty but ridiculously hot Thai monkfish. Finely sliced raw red chillies sprinkled liberally over it.

I travelled back up the coast by train. Spent the journey alternating between enjoying the stunning views and reading a fascinating book about the history of neurofeedback. The last leg of my journey was by ferry. Calmac are a reassuringly old-fashioned and unglamourous ferry operator. They haven't changed anything much since I was a kid: the same dour uniforms and "workmanlike" customer service. A Scottish institution.

The Shelducks are back in the bay: four of them this time; pure white against the steel blue sea. Didn't see any ducks on the Clyde. But perhaps I wasn't really looking.

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