Friday 2 July 2010

Clams to the Slaughter

My brother has provided me with this excellent footage (sic) of razorfish (razor clams) summarily evicted from their sandy homes by the simple addition of salt.

I've blogged about the salt technique before and it does work very well. You pour the salt on the 'keyhole' in the sand immediately after you see the water-spout. Much easier than trying to dig them out.

Incidentally I read that one of the smallest of the razorfish species, Solen marginatus, can perform a "clever" trick in order to save itself from predators. It can shed the top part of its siphon as a sacrificial offering when threatened, giving it time to escape into the sand while the predator is occupied with the ghoulish morsel.

Unfortunately for the razorfish evolution hasn't yet provided a trick to allow them to escape from sodium chloride wielding humans with video cameras.

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