Monday 28 February 2011

Dazed and Confused

It is a dazzling February morning. The overnight frost on the windows has melted away, in what appears to have been seconds, to reveal a hazy but brilliant vista of moody mountains and forbidding blue sea. I have to look askance at it to avoid blinding myself.

I woke at 7 and checked my alarm clock/phone to find that the battery had died during the night. The alarm had been due to go off at 7.05. I must tune down my body clock. Accidentally sleeping late would be something of a novelty.

The crows in the field next door have begun their raucous morning vigil. They start their ragged chorus at dawn so it's bearable at this time of year but, in a couple of months time, it will begin to wear a little thin. I've never paid the crows enough attention to establish their species but they could be Rooks (Corvus frugilegus), as there are signs of grey on their beaks. Frugilegus is Latin for "food gathering" - how simple and apt.

Not that this relates to carrion birds but I should just mention the excellent venison burgers, from Lochaber Game Services, that we had for dinner last night. It's unusual to be able to get venison burgers with absolutely no "filler" in them. Venison is treated like a luxury but it should be cheap and easily available here given the number of deer roaming the roads.

I really need to wake myself up so will have to resort to the "nuclear" option: Finely ground French coffee, roasted to within an inch of carbonisation. Brewing it to produce drinkable coffee is a black (sic) art and failure to strictly adhere to the gram-precise measuring requirements will result in something that tastes like burnt tyres and ensures that my body clock will not be required again for some time due to the fact that sleep will not be an option.

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