Monday 2 May 2011

Always the Sun

A scorcher. We don't get many but this one has class. We knew it was coming and actually (and this really doesn't happen often) left stuff outside that we would normally bring in at night. Had to sleep with all the windows open. It was so tranquil that we could hear boats chugging in the bay, a cuckoo, an owl, seagulls and oystercatchers all at the same time.

It's easy in this part of the world, during the winter months, to forget that the sun exists. Days are short and the sun is often blotted out by thick grey cloud. But that only serves to make the impact of the sunshine seem greater when we do get wonderful days like this. I sometimes wish it wasn't the case that our mood cycles are connected to the weather but I think that there's plenty of evidence here that it's true. The people seem to bloom, sometimes quite exuberantly, along with the plants when the sun comes out.

We spent yesterday with our wee nephew, starting the day (at his insistence) paddling in the bay as the tide turned and came in over the warm sand. The water was very cold but he and I ventured out up to our waists before deciding that the kudos of taking the plunge just wasn't worth the pain. A wee girl from up the road heard his cries of delight and came down to the shore, dragging her mother in tow, to see what all the fuss was about. I think she got in as far as her ankles before bursting into tears. My nephew later found a starfish, Asterias rubens I think, and we got a great photo of him displaying it proudly for the camera.

We got a bit of weeding done, in between visiting family and lounging on the deck. The dandelions are running riot this year but at least they pull out easily. Buttercups are my arch enemy because they certainly don't.

It was definitely a gin and tonic evening - who were we to argue? Hendrick's Gin is a wee bit unusual with very distinct savoury, herby flavours. They recommend that you drink it with ice and cucumber but I've never been very sure about that. I once ordered a Hendrick's and tonic in a Glasgow pub and the barmaid enthusiastically served me up what looked like a glass of salad. There were a few strange looks from my pint-drinking colleagues.

I hope you can't overdose on vitamin D because I probably got more yesterday than I've had in the last six months.

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