Wednesday 8 June 2011

You Shall Have a Fishy in a Dishywashy

I forgot to mention the salmon we had at the party! It was really moist and delicious, and hand-flaked to perfection. But, most interestingly of all, it was cooked in the dishwasher.

My wife had heard something about this technique so she looked it up online and insisted, in the face of some determined opposition, that it be cooked in the dishwasher. I didn't find any of this out until I was eating it at the party. And then it came across just as surreal and wonderful as the rest of the goings-on.

The dishwasher technique is a novel way of steaming the salmon. Don't forget to wrap it in foil before trying this. My wife said she had read several cautionary tales from people who had put the fish in the dishwasher unwrapped and found, to their initial puzzlement and horror, that it had dissolved into pink drain-sludge, leaving nothing but a floppy bone.

My wife prepped the salmon by stuffing it with a good bundle of fresh garden herbs and seasoning with some lemon juice, salt and pepper. She said that it didn't cook on the first cycle so she had to put it to the highest heat setting, around 70 degrees centigrade, on the top rack, to get the desired result. My friend then sat and gently flaked the whole thing, and it was a big salmon, even going to the trouble of saving the cheeks which he says are a delicacy. Before serving, they added more seasoning and a sprinkle of Garam masala.

I shouldn't really have to say this but, if you want to try this yourself, don't put any detergent in the dishwasher along with the salmon. I'm sure Finnish-style salmon is lovely but Finish-style maybe not so much.

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