Wednesday 2 June 2010

A Brighter Shade of Kale

We did some work on the garden over the weekend. The couch grass was getting a bit out of control so we hauled a load of it out of the planting beds. The amount of waste plant matter generated by this exercise was quite staggering.

We planted some French beans with accompanying cane tepee structure. We pulled out the gone-to-seed kale plants which had grown into sturdy, buttery-yellow-flower-topped, bee-entreating trees. I planted some lemon verbena in my treasured herb bed, to replace the one that died during the long frosty spell. I haven't yet used lemon verbena for anything but it smells amazing when you rub the leaves between your fingers. Perhaps that's what it's for: a finger-scenting herb.

It's a warm but silvery-grey day today. The gorse bushes by the shore brighten the scene with their vibrant yellow flowers. Gorse has a wonderful coconut-like smell. Enticing in every way: until it shreds your hands.

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