Monday 14 June 2010

Little Green Bag

Have decided to give my blog a new look today: fresher, brighter, cleaner. Mmm, sounds a bit like toothpaste or mouthwash.

Plootered on the shore yesterday and found some more green laver. I dried it out in the oven as usual but it just didn't taste right. Maybe it was a bit old or maybe it was actually a piece of green plastic bag (it looks rather like that before it's dried out). Anyway, I didn't eat it this time.

The beach was covered in slimy brown weed/algae of some kind. It must have been brought on by the warming of the weather. Warmer water means it'll be less safe to eat seafood from the shore: no "r" in month, no "f" in way. On a brighter note: the samphire is starting to peep through the salt flats, and should make a tasty treat later in the summer.

Interesting weekend. We left the pub on Saturday night determined that we weren't going to have a party back at our house. On the way home we met a load of be-kilted blokes proffering a tray of wedding cake. We duly partook and got into conversation with them. Turned out that we knew the family of the groom. A bunch of the revellers ended up back at our house and we drank (Pimms & lemonade?!) and talked until the early hours.

Sunday was.....vague.

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  1. Talking of an "r" in the month and all things gastro-seaside. Oysters -"Lost in France"