Wednesday 16 June 2010

Never Haddock so Good

I caught a fish-man yesterday and got me some haddock. No ill-will from the fish man - he'd just forgotten about me. Evidently not a man for keeping lists.

I try to buy haddock with the skin on. It's better for pan-frying that way, as it doesn't fall apart when you go to turn it. Excellent dusted with seasoned flour, perhaps with just a pinch of tarragon in it, before frying.

Damp and misty so far today but there are rumours of sunshine to come later. The tide is high but not yet fully in. I can tell this from the wee tide-table gadget I've put up on gastrobeach (see towards the bottom of the righthand bar). It's not accurate for here, as the closest I could get was Ullapool. Seems to be around half an hour behind ours.

I like to notice the tides and to think about what makes them happen. It's a fascinatingly clear way of seeing, every day, the effect of the pull of the moon on our planet. Next time you see a high tide try thinking about it as a gravitational/centrifugal water bulge. Odd.

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