Monday 21 June 2010

Lettuce Be Clear

Sea Lettuce
Clarifications and corrections day. No, not mending my ways, just some stuff from previous Gastrobeach entries.

What I have been calling Green Laver is actually Sea Lettuce (Ulva Lactuca). I've since read of it being eaten raw in salads. Can't say I fancy that much, especially when it's doing its plastic bag trick. I find it tangled up in clumps of other seaweed such as Knotted Wrack which adds to the baggy detritus aspect.

Thanks to the blog commenter who identified the "Goat Bird" as a Snipe and not a Plover. You can hear its call on the RSPB website. A weird sounding creature and more than capable of scaring the bejesus out of small camping-inclined humans.

The weekend was sunny but with a ridiculously brisk north wind. It blew away the midges but also any notion of barbecues. I spent some time loafing and reading up on the use of shore crabs to make bisque. All the shore crabs in the book were an appetising orangey colour (while still alive) but ours are mostly green.

Oh no. Now I've got "Little Green Crab" stuck in my head. The punnery is taking its toll.

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  1. Yum, sea lettuce with some sea cabbage and a bit of sea cucumber on the side.