Thursday 3 June 2010


I knew it couldn't last. The cold spell had knocked the midges back until a little later than they usually start but they're resilient little [insert expletive]s.

Last evening was very still so I went out to weedkill some monolithic dockens. They midges descended as soon as I set foot out the door; then proceeded to make a proper meal of me. It may sound strange but I get to a point when the irritation of all the bites seems to merge together into one giant histamine "glow" and then I don't seem to notice them so much anymore. It's only when I get back into the house and the inflammation properly sets in that the damage becomes clear.

I suppose they are a pretty amazing species: they're survivors; and an important part of the food-chain here. Maybe I should stop complaining and put them directly into my food-chain. They're tiny and black and could be easily incorporated. Caraway seed roll, anyone?

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