Wednesday 28 April 2010

All Work and No Bay....

Have been bogged down with work the last few days, with precious few opportunities to go out and inhale great gouts of salty sea air. However, despite the miserable weather, I decided to venture out onto the shore this lunchtime.

It's full moon time and we've had some monstrously high tides. Last night I spent a bit of time staring out at the foul weather and agitated sea. From a certain angle it looked like the deck dropped away straight into the water, with no intervening land.

The tide had started to turn by the time I made it down to the shore today, so no Razor Fish opportunities. I did find an array of (semi) edible seaweeds that I'd never really noticed before. I tried them all raw, with varying degrees of disgust. I think I identified and tasted: Gutweed (salty, green and surprisingly tender), Green Laver (salty, green and surprisingly tough) and Sugar Kelp (salty, brown, frondly and surprisingly OK). I'll get round to cooking some of them but it satisfied my inner Neanderthal to try them in their raw form first.

So, great gouts of salty sea air; great gouts of salty seaweed; now back to plain gouts of unsalted paperwork.

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