Tuesday 13 April 2010

Tide is low and we're having sun

Working, so restraining myself from going and plootering about on the shore, although the tide is enticingly low. Glorious weather and sparkling sea again - what's going on? From my window I can see a heron strutting its stuff down near low water. But now having to lower the blinds as the sun is so blazingly hot, and warm office makes for cranky worker.

My wife pointed out the Eider ducks to me this morning. Through the binoculars we could see the male breakfasting on a green shore crab. They must have amazing power in their jaws and strong beaks - I read that they can even crack mussels. They dive deep compared to some of the other ducks in the bay, presumably to get down to the tasty crustaceans on the sea bed. The scruffy-looking Mergansers, by contrast, seem to "trawl" closer to the surface, perhaps to catch small fish. Will need to look more closely at the Mergansers, they look more like the Red-Breasted variety but I can't be sure.

Back to work now. Phone call from cranky city-based colleague. The sun must be blazing in on him too.

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