Sunday 18 April 2010

The Clam before the Storm?

Just out of bed, still in pyjamas. There's a dusting of new snow on the mountains today. Strong sunshine again but the Cumulus clouds in the distance look like they're threatening to change into something more rain-bearing.

Went for a walk on the shore with my wife yesterday, as the tide was turning. Noticed a lot of larger shells around, of what could be Surf Clams. I never find any live ones of these of any decent size, just tiny ones. I haven't yet been able to work out the different types of small clams. Apparently they are difficult to tell apart. I've always called the small ones Carpet Shells but it looks like they may actually be Abra Alba which never grow very large.

I've also read in some places that small clams like Abra Alba are too small to bother eating. Well, they're on the beach and I eat them. They are tiny but tasty and are excellent mixed in with some pasta, still in their shells. They infuse the pasta with a subtle and sweet seafood flavour, which would be worth having even if there was no actual protein content from them.

Think I will need to dig down into the sand, rather than just raking, to see if there are any bigger clams. I'll probably find Clappy Doos (a sort of large black mussel/clam) but I don't remember them as being very good to eat. Must give them another try.

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