Sunday 25 April 2010

The Mussels with Brussels

Went to the local with my wife and two of my brothers last night. After a few Spanish lagers the seafood punnery blossomed once again.

My brothers are all fine cooks. I suggested to one of them that he come up with some unusual seafood-pun-incorporating recipes that I could list here. One that's dying to be concocted is, I think, "The Mussels with Brussels". I don't know if it will ever see the grim light of day but it really has potential. The humble sprout combined with the not-so-humble Mussel. I like Brussels Sprouts. But I like to chop them up finely and stir-fry with bacon. Replace bacon with Mussel and the possibilities are, well, obvious and somewhat limited.

Feeling a little bloated today. Spanish lager on top of Spanish garlic chicken (our dinner last night) equals not the least flatulent combination.

Spanish garlic chicken is delicious, though. Chicken thighs cooked on the hob with salt, olive oil, dry sherry and about six cloves of finely chopped garlic, with another six to eight whole cloves (unpeeled) thrown in for good measure. That's "six to eight", not "sixty-eight" as one of my brothers heard it last night. No wonder I'm feeling bloated.

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