Saturday 10 April 2010

Sparkling water, please

Amazing Spring day today. The sea is sparkling in dazzling sunshine. There's a cool breeze blowing. I really should get off my backside and go outside, but the view from the sofa is so panoramic anyway that I don't feel that I have to trouble myself with actual locomotion.

The tide is half way out and I think it's coming in. Moon is waning crescent at the moment and the tide is not getting spectacularly high or low. Would like to get some razor fish using the easy-sounding salt method that my brother has told me about but the tide is not getting low enough to go out beyond the sand bar where the razor fish can be found.

Will maybe dine outside on the deck this evening if the breeze dies down. Our friends are heading back home tomorrow, so will need to think of something a bit special to cook.

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