Tuesday 20 April 2010

Kelp, I need some body

Sunday was bright but with a biting wind. We wrapped up and went off scrambling over the rocks at the northern side of the bay. Slippery terrain: I joked to my wife that I was the kind of guy that could turn a girl's ankle. She fared better than me though; she in trainers and I in clumsy walking boots.

I found some kelp in a tidal rockpool. A frondy, slightly slimy specimen. I've eaten dulse straight off the shore before, but not kelp. It was, of course, very salty and also a bit chewy but not unpleasantly so. I can't say it would make for a terribly satisfying meal but I suppose that's not the point. It could be made palatable by getting rid of some of the salt and drying it out, perhaps to crumble into soup. I've been eating miso soup for my lunch lately, and I can imagine that it might add a bit of body to that. Works for the Japanese.

Out of the wind it was warm and we basked in the sun a while, listening to that especially-relaxing sound the sea makes as it gently laps into a small inlet between rocks.

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